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Change Your Tribe

Last week was tough. There were three different people that doubted me. They doubted my hard work and capabilities. I was highly offended and hurt, it triggered my depression. Again I felt like a loser, as if success was not possible for me. I already knew what was coming. My depression after having a baby is easily triggered. There's no drinking it off , there's no buying a plane ticket at last minute and flying away from the source, things are different now. I cannot ignore it.  I have to find the source and face it or I really won't survive.

The first question I asked myself was, "Why is it that I get offended so quickly when people do not believe in me?" I did not know that answer, but I did know that it does not happen all the time and that the longer I have a relationship with someone the more I do get offended. I dug in deeper and I found the source of what really bothered me.

 For a long time I have considered people that I know for a long time a part of…

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