5 Quotes From: Resonate

"When AOL and browsing the web in a social way took over, most Gen X'ers were already fully formed adults. And those God forsaken Generation Zer's (The Generation after us) only know the world with it. But millennial? Can you believe it? We're the only people in the world that grew right by it's side."

"You've got to show the truth no matter what falls. It's the only way we'll ever get to see what you mean. Destruction is the force responsible for progression. "

"It's not easy to get people to do things, you know? People are very stubborn. Look at you. You can hardly get yourself to do things. Yet, here you are trying to get others to like your stuff and follow you and buy from you? Humble yourself, you one!"

Niches are not about size as much as they are about detail. They don't gather people through the shallow enticement of popularity. It's so pre-internet. They gather people from something deeper.."

It all comes down to perception. Perception is the real currency our culture runs on now. These micro-cultures on social media are forming because there has never been this much pressure to try to show the world who you are. " 

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