Open letter to Forbes

Dear Forbes,

I have been deeply offended by your recent cover and it is not because Kylie Jenner is on it. In fact I am very happy for her. As a woman and as a business owner, it excites me to see any woman on your cover. It's where I hope to find myself one day. Kylie made something of herself unlike many people in her privileged position . So congrats to her and may she keep receiving many more blessings. BUT .... a big BUT she is not a "self-made" Billionaire.
The meaning of "self Made" in the English dictionary is : having succeeded in life unaided and made by oneself. I am not hating or knocking Kylie Jenner's hustle but perhaps she should be acknowledged for another category? You see, if Kylie did not have Kim's sex tape, a momager, famous family & friends, and a reality show. No one would know who she is. Her lip kits would not have sold out so quickly. Without the aide of others she would not be in the position she is now.
When you look into the past of a lot of self-made people, they all have one thing in common; a struggle. Some people may say that to be self-made you do not need a struggle but when you start from zero with no one's help,  a struggle is sure to find it's way into your journey.
Take a look at Gia Monae boutique owner and You Tuber Jackie. Mom of 2, Pregnant, and has been growing her business from 0 to something. Explaining the reality of having to sign up for some Government  assistance while running your business. Kylie does not know what that kind of struggle is. Or my friend Jennifer who has to have two or three jobs in order to keep her business running . The people featured in the book  Hustle Believe Recieve by Sarah Centrella ( and Sarah) who have had to face the "8 step plan" to change their lives.  The list goes on. These people may not be billionaires yet but they will be one day with no one's handouts.
It's discouraging to see someone who had the resources for success be called "Self-made" for the rest of us that have gone literally hungry to build our businesses. Makes it feel like it's unattainable.I understand that Forbes as a business needs to make money, but as readers we want stories that motivate us. We want to see people who have gone through it all and have made it, THAT is motivation.

Your's Truly ,
Future SELF-MADE Billionaire,
Iran Ortiz


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