5 Reasons Why I Enjoyed Riley's 2nd Birthday More Than His First.

The first birthday party was a little stressful. What's the theme? Who do we invite? Where do we have this birthday party? What is he going to wear? What are we going to wear? Making sure that everything is done on time ... List goes on. Not to say I did not enjoy his first birthday. I did enjoy it . The funny thing was that the original plan was thrown out of the window two days before... when meteorologist falsely cried rain for the day of his outdoor birthday party and it still turned out to be a good time. This year things were different. We decided to keep it simple and not go too crazy.

1. Sesame Place was a good time for him. I don't know if our trip to Playland prepared him for the rides but it was a lot easier to get him on the rides. We even got him on the Rubber Ducky ride. The parade was so much fun for him. He was not scared of the characters. We let him take his Elmo along for the car ride.

2. His birthday portrait was a blast and less messy for me. This time I did not have to sit and paint with him through his crying. He was focused and created what I think was a dope piece of art. This is a yearly tradition and I look forward to seeing the changes  every year. You can check out the video on IGTV.

3. A smaller themed birthday party with just our immediate family. Toddlers are usually shy around too many people and often do not act like their sweet selves. Well at least that's what happens with Riley. I knew not to overwhelm him and to keep it small with people he sees and speaks to everyday. He's been obsessed with Toy Story lately, We decide on getting him a Toy Story themed cake, plates and party hats. He absolutely loved it.  He blew out his own candles. I had no idea he was able to do this. It was definitely a surprise for me.

4. The fact that he's talking and we can communicate with him makes it even more fun. He tells us what he likes and doesn't like and things don't seem too much like a guessing game these days.

5. His two year check up was a breeze, no screaming. 


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