How I Stay Organized.

I tend to post a lot of images of our apartment. The posting of those images are usually followed by comments from other moms telling me that my home will not stay that clean or organized much longer. My immediate reaction has always been, "Why?" I know myself. I can not function when there is a mess. I can not leave my home without the bed being made. I can not go to sleep without the apartment looking exactly like it was when I woke up that morning. I do not want to say "never will my home be a pig sty because who knows what life brings. For now, I will try my hardest to make sure that our home is organized. Here are some tips on how I stay organized.

Dishes. Sink has to be empty by the end of the night. If I am extremely tired I will do it first thing in the morning while I meditate or listen to an audiobook. Chris and I split the dishes throughout the week. There is no set schedule but we know that if one cooks, then the other one cleans the kitchen and takes the garbage out. If your sink is overflowing while you are running around  like a chicken with no head, and your partner is sitting on the couch binge watching. Ask him to give you a hand. 

Baby diapers & wipes.  I do not keep diapers in a... what is that thing called? You know. The thing that hangs and you put diapers in it. Yeah that thing. I put them in a draw in Rileys dresser. I do not put them all in there. I place about two rows of diapers and two packs of wipes. I consolidate the left over wipes and diapers into one box and store it in the closet. I refill the the draw when there is half a row left. This is when we buy the next box of diapers and store it back in the closet. Wipes usually go faster, therefore I refill as needed. Diapers and wipes are always available and we know exactly how much we have left because they are always stored in the same location. 

Baby Clothes. We received so many clothes as gifts. We have them organized in his dresser by size, sleeve length, pants, onesies, PJ's , socks etc. Riley's laundry is done once every two weeks. As I am folding his clothes I also divide the clothes according to size and put aside the pieces that do not fit him. I do not put them back in the drawers. I also look through the stored clothing and take out anything that does not fit while replacing them with his new size. 

Toys. A basket that simple. If nothing fits then I stop buying him toys. I do not believe kids should be overstimulated by toys. (With that said, we prefer money towards his bank account or clothes as gifts instead of toys. 

Living Area. Keep it minimal. Have storage. Pick up after yourself and others at the end of the night. Dust once a week. Try to mop and sweep in the mornings while your family is still asleep. 

These are just a few tips. If you have any questions feel free to comment and I will answer. It is not that hard to keep a home organized if you take time out for it and make it a habit. Do not wait until your place is a disaster to decided to clean because you will then be discouraged and that's when everything will start piling up. 


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