The plan yesterday was to head to The New York Botanical Garden, but there was rain in the forecast. My friends and I decided to take the babies to the Children's Museum of Manhattan instead. I have been meaning to visit this place ever since Riley has started crawling but have not taken the opportunity to.

The location of the museum is awesome. Right on the west side, walking distance from places to eat and Central Park. It is a little pricey for a one year old. $14 for each person. I feel that a one year old should not pay full price, but that is just my opinion. I guess it's cheaper than those expensive baby gyms. I am interested in knowing yours below. 

Strollers are not allowed but they do hold them for you. I enjoyed the freedom of walking around without a stroller. If you are with a child who does not walk yet, I suggest you bring a carrier. 

I loved the floors of the many activities. We started on the 4th floor and worked our way down. There were multiple rooms with different themes ; A grocery store theme, a toilet showing them how to flush ( Which reminds me, I have to potty train soon. ) A class room setting and a huge MTA bus in the hallway. Riley loved the bus, since his favorite song is currently the wheels on the bus. There were lots of stairs for him to climb on. He was not interested in the slides. He is into blocks now, so we stayed in the classroom setting a bit longer. The classroom setting was full of blocks and books. 

The third floor had a fire truck , another bus, a bigger grocery store and a section with cushion which was perfect for my friend's six month old daughter. Riley enjoyed it too. It was a huge playground. There were hats to wear in the fire truck, balls to throw around and little installations like a peek-a-boo window around the room. 

The 2nd floor was  Dora and Diego themed. Super cute. He walked over the bridge and counted his steps on the stones. Played the maracas and the drums while doing his little dance. We did not explore the first floor because by that time, Riley was hungry. My advice, plan accordingly around your kids eating and napping breaks. 

I will def go back again. Especially during the cold winter months.


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