HOTEL REVIEW: Hotel Eiffel Petit Louvre . Paris, France.

Chris and I were in Paris about a month ago. I thought we were going out there for some much needed alone time, little did I know Chris had something up his sleeve. Yup. He proposed (In case you missed it on the gram ) right as the Eiffel Tower started glistening outside of our hotel window. It was a beautiful moment. Very laid back, not public, and yes, I was very surprised. I was wondering what he kept checking on every time we came back to the room. FACTS: Our valuables were safe at the Hotel Eiffel Petit Louvre

When it comes to picking a hotel, there are three things I look at: how comfy the bed looks, the decor (for content hello! ), and the bathroom. The major thing is the price. The Hotel Eiffel Petit Louvre was really good for the price having a view of the Eiffel Tower. It is a boutique hotel within walking distance of the tower and a few steps from the metro. Right now as I look, the prices are actually more expensive than what we paid for being that peak season is starting soon.

At our arrival we were told that our Eiffel Tower view room was not going to be ready until the following morning. I get annoyed when these things happen. After a long flight, I just want to go to the room, freshen up, organize my clothes and take a quick nap. Due to our 5 night stay, we brushed it off and continued to our temporary room. 

The photos on the website made the rooms look much more bigger than they are. We could hardly move around with our luggage in the way. The room would of been perfect for one person. Def not someone traveling with a child either ( They do have rooms if traveling with children, available upon request.)  There was a point where I had to drag my suitcase into the bathroom ( which was beautiful and clean)  to be able to open it completely. So annoying since this was not our permanent room and I had to keep going into my suit case every time I needed something.

The next morning, Chris reached over for the phone to check on the availability of our original room. There was no phone. I had to go to the front desk in my PJ's to get information. We were told that our room would be available by noon. Chris requested for them to wait until we got back to move our belongings ( now I know why).  We returned by 11 am and our luggage was moved to our original room, the ring was still there, nothing of  value was lost or stolen. You can trust the staff with your valuables. As precaution I suggest always leaving the "Do not disturb door hanger."

We walked into the new room , it was a bit bigger but the view was gorgeous! We did not have that touristy Paris view, it was the local Parisian view. The metro right in front of our window, the Eiffel behind a few residential buildings. It was beautiful ! We kept our windows open whenever we could. It was perfect for people watching and the metro does not sound like the NYC subway system. It was actually a pleasant sound. 

 I would not recommend this hotel for a long stay. It's good for one or two nights. The tiny cabinet in the room does not hold clothing for a whole week for two people. Most of my hanging clothes had to be folded on the shelf. No space for the empty suitcases either. Though the website states that a minibar is provided in each room, there is no minibar and you would have to go to the main floor to get something to drink when the thirst kicked in. No irons are included in the room either. We had to go downstairs and to borrow and return it.  Some people wouldn't mind this but when I am on vacation, I AM ON VACATION lol. I don't like to waste my energy on extra things when I have a city to explore, food to eat and of course some resting to be done. 

We did not eat breakfast at the hotel. We never woke up early enough. You can purchase unlimited breakfast for the rest of your stay when you book the hotel. We decided we wanted to eat locally. The neighborhood has a lot of good places to eat. There is a Liquor store right below, perfect for those early nights. Grab a bottle and wind down with your partner. 

I was happy with our stay at Hotel Eiffel Petit Louvre. I would of just liked more attention to detail by the hotel. I feel that these little things are important. Hotels need to remember that people are on vacation and make them feel as if they are on vacation. 


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